Geena tells Joe that Dev threw her out when he clicked she was setting him up. Les receives a letter from the housing dept saying they are looking at moving him to a one bedroom flat at Weatherfield Hall Estate. He is distraught. Fiz says Kirk can squeeze in with her. Meanwhile, Vik will not give out any more horse racing tips after everyone doubting him before. Ade starts his work experience at the garage and immediately rubs Tyrone up the wrong way. Dev does not turn into work the next day so Sunita visits him at home. Deirdre is annoyed at not understanding what is going on. Patricia's best friend, Charlotte Morris, turns up on Richard's door step from Australia saying she is back for the funeral. She does not ask many questions and goes to her hotel for some sleep. Gail questions why they do not react to each other well, Richard puts her at ease. Vik places another bet at the bookies to win. He wants short notice holiday leave to go to visit Sam in Ibiza using his winnings. Janice tries to apologise to Les for ruining his cover with the housing department. Geena is fed up after Dev caught her out and Joe takes her out for a drink in town. Dev sees them together and tells Sunita that he will withdraw his statement with the police. Richard and Gail settle down for a quite bottle of wine when Charlotte turns up. Much to Richard's dismay, she says she wants to make arrangements to see Patricia's body.


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Ken Barlow: "Right, I hope I don't need to remind you of the dangers of fooling about in a place like this?"
Aidan Critchley: "No. So I won't keep yer."

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