Richard talks his way out of why Gail is wearing Patricia's bracelet: he tells Charlotte that Patricia gave the bracelet back to him while having a row over discovering Charlotte's obsession with Richard, giving an excuse as to why Patricia never went to Australia to live with her. Geena is working behind the bar, waiting anxiously. Joe arrives and discovers that Dev is not there yet. When Dev arrives, Geena takes a break in the back room. Richard agrees to take Charlotte to her hotel. On the way, he stops the car in a deserted place. They row and he tells her menacingly that it would be a good idea if she would disappear too. Peter and Lucy discuss their relationship in her flat. Meanwhile, at Peter and Shelley's flat, Sunita gets drunk and tells Shelley about both her and Geena's problems. Sunita jokingly asks if she can have Peter but Shelley is quite happy with what she has. Geena comes back to the bar; she tells Joe to trust her and sit back down but he ignores the warning and dumps her. Geena tells Joe everything and then leaves through the back door. Joe confronts Dev then chases after Geena, but she tells him it is over. Peter arrives back at the flat and escorts drunken Sunita home. Maria and Toyah come home to find Fiz and Kirk cuddling on the sofa. Maria makes it clear that she has moved back in and does not want Kirk hanging around. Richard finally arrives home; he tells Gail that they won't be seeing Charlotte again.


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  • TV Times synopsis: A cornered Richard is forced to reveal secrets from the past; Geena is on tenderhooks as she waits to see if Dev's prediction will come true; and Eileen makes full use of Todd's wonderful news.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,750,000 viewers (8th place).
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