Todd bunks off school to visit Sarah in hospital. She's pleased. Ken is appalled to find Aidan back in school on the first day of term. Roy continues to protest outside the Corner Shop by himself but not to much avail. Sarah makes a statement to the Police that Aidan was driving the car when it crashed. Norris starts looking for a replacement dog for Mr Woo. Emily isn't happy about the plan but goes along with it. Kirk offers to help by speaking to his dad at the kennels. The police haul Aidan out of class much to Ken's delight and take him down to the station to interview him. Aidan is worried. Later that day Aidan is released and turns up back in school. Ken is gutted particularly when Aidan starts winding him up and giving him back-chat. Audrey tells Richard that she hasn't had any more funny turns recently and that she's taken Archie's advice and been eating a lot of broccoli. Richard meets up with Chris Melton who tells him that the bail hostel is probably still going ahead. Richard is worried what he's going to tell the bank manager. Aidan continues to goad Ken saying that there's no proof that he was driving the car. Ken finally snaps and in front of the class punches Ade, sending him reeling across the room. Ken is appalled at what he's done.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ken's fury finally boils over. Richard receives the news he's been pinning his hopes on.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,840,000 viewers (1st place).

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Aidan Critchley (to Ken Barlow): "Thanks to Liberals like you, these past forty years, changing the system to what they believe in, I walk free. Doesn't that give you a sense of achievement, Sir?"

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