Ken has his initial hearing at which he pleads guilty. Richard swears to Gail that he will never lie to her again and that they will discuss everything. Sally and Kevin are getting on really well. Eileen is getting increasingly concerned about the amount of time that Todd is spending with Sarah rather than concentrating on going to university. Ken feels even more guilty when he finds out that he actually broke Ade's nose. Richard lets himself into Audrey's house and removes a dress she's left out for cleaning. Roy stops protesting outside the Corner Shop as he realises that without support he's fighting a losing battle. Ken is given a trial date in the New Year. Everyone wants to buy Ken a drink but he can't cope with the attention and leaves. Audrey discovers that her dress is missing. She panics that she's going mad again and confides in Archie. Roy suggests that they could stop the arcade going ahead if they were to expand the café sideways. Gail suggests they could turn the garage into another bedroom but Richard has to admit that they can't afford to. Ken tells Deirdre that he's handed in his resignation as a teacher. Deirdre feels upset for him.


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Blanche Hunt: "Just five minutes with this Aidan, that's all I'd need... I'd give him Actual Bodily Harm."
Deirdre Rachid: "Wouldn't we all?"

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