Ken explains to Deirdre that he's resigned on principle. Deirdre shouts at him, telling him that he's a good teacher, and that they can't manage on her wage alone. Blanche tells Betty and Emily that she's always been a fan of the 3 B's - belt, birch and borstal. Roy tells Hayley that they can afford to buy next door if they get rid of Vera and Toyah and Hayley gives up her job in the factory and works at the café instead. Norris and Kirk take a trip to Skipton where they buy a new Shih Tzu as a replacement for Mr Woo. Todd admits to Eileen that he's having second thoughts about university. Richard tells Gail that he'll take her out for dinner and ask Audrey to babysit. He purposely doesn't ask Audrey and later pretends that he did making Audrey look unreliable and forgetful. Ken changes his mind and tells Deirdre that he will retract his resignation, accept suspension on full pay and fight his corner. He and Deirdre decide to go on holiday for a couple of weeks. Todd tells Sarah that he loves her. He says he would rather get a job and stay with her than go to university. Sarah says she's very fond of him but doesn't want a boyfriend at the moment as she needs to concentrate on Bethany. Todd is gutted. Kevin buys Sophie a bike for her birthday. He hides it at the garage until the day.


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Blanche Hunt: "Of course, his days were numbered from the start. It's not like in our day when teachers were as old as yer parents. These days they're all still wet behind the ears."
Emily Bishop: "So what's Ken going to do now?"
Blanche Hunt: "Oh, get an allotment and sign up for the bowls team if he's got any sense."

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