Archie persuades Audrey to see a doctor straightaway. Maxine is not pleased to receive pans for her birthday present from Ashley and makes him take them back. Audrey and Archie go to the Moxton Street drycleaners and pick up the dress. She asks the assistant if she recognises her but the assistant thinks she is mad. A removal van arrives outside No.6 and a curious Maxine goes to investigate. Dr Matin finds no problems with Audrey's memory but as a precaution, arranges for her to see a specialist. Vik guesses that Dev has spoken to Steve about his money problems and so warns Dev to keep out of his business. Audrey breaks down to Gail as she is so worried that she is losing her mind. Mike takes Doreen out to dinner to talk about her divorce. An old neighbour of Doreen's sees them in the restaurant. Doreen is worried it will affect the divorce. Gail tells Richard that she has arranged for Audrey to see a private specialist next Tuesday.


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Mike Baldwin (to Doreen Heavey): "Nothing complicated about divorce, you just divide everything down the middle, right? Yer solicitor gets half and yer fight over the rest."

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