Shelley is on cloud nine after her wonderful weekend away with Peter. Curly arranges for Sunita to babysit so that he and Emma can go out. She tells him that she can't go out with him as she is going out with her work colleagues. When Sunita arrives he goes to the Rovers. Doreen tells Mike that she told her husband about them going out for a meal before her neighbours could. Mike is worried about people getting the wrong idea. Richard tries to get Audrey drunk by spiking her drink with extra gin. Peter tells Curly and Martin that women are just as bad as men. The key is to not feel guilty, whatever you do. Richard appears exasperated when Gail tells him that Audrey is going home in a taxi and that there is no need for him to take her home. Audrey is surprised that she feels drunk when she gets home. She goes to make herself some hot milk but is too tired so turns everything off and goes to bed. Peter is not happy when he arrives at Lucy's flat to find her friend Dan Kelly there. Curly tells Martin that he and Emma are having relationship problems. Emma comes home and is confronted by Curly telling her they need to talk. Richard lets himself into Audrey's house, takes the batteries out of the smoke alarm and turns the hob on under the pan of milk, placing tea towels within reach of the gas ring to start a fire. As the tea towel begins to smoulder, he leaves the house.


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