Episode 538
Production code P228/538
ITV transmission date 7th February 1966 (Monday)
Stories by Susan Pleat
Leslie Duxbury
Writer Geoffrey Lancashire
Designer Denis Parkin
Director Richard Argent
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Producer Peter Eckersley
Previous episode 2nd February 1966
Next episode 9th February 1966


Jed starts on the markets with a junk stall. Joan Corrie feels that Emily should look after their father, or he'll have to go into a home. Lucille agrees to work on Jed's stall on Saturdays. Elsie isn't sure whether or not to tell Val about Ken's affair. Clara Midgeley asks Albert to go to Cleveleys with her to help run her niece's hotel. Emily realises that she'd have to nurse her father for the rest of his life. She refuses to give up Majorca for the sake of her sisters. Ken and Jackie realise they are serious about each other.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit


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