Tracy arrives back home having spent the night with Dev. Ken tells her how worried Deirdre has been but Tracy doesn't care. Audrey tells Archie, Norris and Rita that Richard practically admitted trying to kill her. Rita doesn't believe a word. Norris points out that Richard is trying to make Audrey look more mad than ever - how many murderers admit to be being a murderer? Sarah calls round to Sally's old shop and finds Aidan Critchley there living rough. She shouts at him for leaving her for dead. He tries to tell her that she's as much to blame for the joyriding. Sarah storms out. Ciaran tries to arrange another date with Tracy but she plays hard to get. Shelley tries to persuade Hayley not to employ Ciaran. Hayley confronts Ciaran and Ciaran confesses to Hayley that he tried to make a pass at Shelley but that he's sorry and now wants to make amends. Hayley tells him that he can keep his job and that he can have the spare room in the flat. Ciaran is delighted. Deirdre is shocked when Tracy tells her that she didn't go out with Ciaran in the end but picked up another man in the Rovers. Audrey, Archie and Norris try to convince Emily that her life is in danger from Richard but Emily thinks they are deluded. She later tells Richard that he's welcome to come round any time he likes. Tracy calls round to the Corner Shop to see Dev. They lock the door and have sex in the shop. Deirdre calls at the shop and lets herself in. Deirdre is horrified when she sees Tracy with Dev.


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