Episode 5418
Production code P694/5418
ITV transmission date 13th January 2003 (Monday - Part 1)
Script editor Gareth Philips
Story editor Jane Hudson
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Josie Burke
Nazrin Choudhury
Bryan Kirkwood
Writer John Fay
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Eugene Ferguson
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Kieran Roberts
Previous episode 12th January 2003
Next episode 13th January 2003


Richard mixes some of Audrey's sleeping pills into a bottle of vodka. He puts the bottle into a carrier bag with some other goodies and then drops it round to the squat while Ade is out. Eileen is delighted when Steve tells her that he's no longer selling No.11 now that Dev has bought half of Street Cars. Dev starts throwing his weight about and calling himself the boss. Tracy starts work in the Rovers. She's lazy but thinks she can get away with it as Shelley is soon to be family. Aidan finds the bag of goodies and thinks that Sarah has left them for him. He drinks the drugged vodka. Maxine, Ashley and Doreen leave for the pub for Doreen's fiftieth birthday party. They leave Emily in charge of Joshua. Richard, Gail, Sarah and Todd go the Rovers for Todd's eighteenth birthday and Doreen's fiftieth. Aidan staggers into the pub drunk looking for Sarah. Gail is furious. Harry and Ashley throw him out. After bumping into Ken, he goes back to the squat and falls unconscious. Richard slips out of the pub whilst no-one is looking, goes to the squat and checks that Ade is unconscious. He puts on Ade's trainers, hat and jacket and takes the crowbar. He goes round to the Peacocks' house and breaks in through the back door. He bludgeons Emily over the head with the crowbar but as he's doing so the door opens and Maxine walks in. She's come to check on Joshua. Maxine sees Richard standing over Emily's body holding the crowbar.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit




Notable dialogueEdit

Maxine Peacock: "Richard, what the hell are you doing?"

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