Ashley is keeping himself busy looking after Joshua. Ade is in custody. He keeps protesting his innocence. Emma tells him that because he's only sixteen he needs an adult representative. He asks for Ken Barlow. Norris is delighted when Emily regains consciousness. She can't remember anything about what happened. The police question Sarah as she is a friend of Ade's. She tells them that she doesn't believe he's a murderer. Richard enjoys telling the police that he witnessed Ade having a row with Ashley in the Rovers earlier in the evening of the murder. Ken agrees to be Ade's representative despite all that's happened as he feels that Ade is telling the truth for once. Ciaran suggests to Roy that he should expand the cafe into next door. He offers to put some money in himself. Hayley thinks it's a good idea. Roy isn't sure. Emily is shocked to learn of Maxine's death. Doreen, Fred and Ashley are all horrified to learn that Ade has been arrested for the murder. They remember the row they had with him earlier in the evening. Shelley is cross with Peter when she sees him laughing and joking with Ciaran. Ashley cradles Joshua and talks to him through his tears about Maxine.


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