Ken tells Deirdre that Ashley has asked him to stay away from the funeral. Toyah continues to look after Maria. Fiz hates Maria for the way she's treated her mate and Maria wallows in self-loathing. Gail tells Emily that she and Richard will give her a lift to the funeral. Ciaran tells how he once put a worm in Peter's drink when they were in Mexico for the day on leave from their ship. Ken goes to see Bob Critchley to try and persuade him to visit Aidan and listen to his side of the story as he tells him how his son is out of control and broke up his marriage with his behaviour. Ashley takes Joshua with him to visit Maxine in the Chapel of Rest. She looks beautiful. Ashley talks to her and breaks down sobbing. John is worried that Fiz is going to tell Toyah what's been going on. He suggests to Toyah that she should move in with him. Shelley and Sunita make up and they agree to disagree over Ciaran. Shelley and Peter leave for their holiday in Mexico. Just before they go, Shelley slips a worm into Ciaran's drink. Peter's impressed. David starts talking about the big dent that Maxine must have in her head. It's all too much for Richard who shouts at David and then storms out.


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  • TV Times synopsis: The eve of the funeral stirs up emotions, and Richard begins to crack. Ken fights to rally support for his cause.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,010,000 viewers (8th place).

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Rita Sullivan (to Norris Cole): "Emily and Gail are valued customers and I'm not having you upsetting them or anyone else with your crackpot theories about Richard, so button it!"

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