Fiz overhears Joe thanking Karen for dinner. She discusses this with Janice and they wonder if Karen and Joe are having an affair. Sunita is very upset that Ciaran didn't tell her that he was absent without leave from the Navy. She feels used. Ade phones Sarah from the remand centre but she refuses to talk to him. Richard is incensed when he reads an article in the Gazette about Chris Melton and the bribery and corruption he's involved in. Gail points out that Richard tried to bribe him too over the bail hostel. Tracy gets a job working for Lucy at her shop. The Underworld girls refuse to work overtime and Karen has to stay late and finish the order herself. Now that Ciaran has gone, Roy and Hayley decide not to expand the cafe. Roy tells the Landlord and it costs him a month's rent to back out of the lease. Harry cleans No.4 so that Ashley can move back in. Ashley only stays a minute and has to leave, overcome with emotion. Richard is delighted when Curly tells him that because of the corruption that has gone on the bail hostel idea has now been thrown out. He can now sell his flats for the full value. Steve isn't impressed when he hears that Karen is working late with Joe. Peter is unnerved when he finds out that Tracy is working for Lucy and completely shocked when Tracy says she's going to be covering for Lucy's maternity leave as Lucy is pregnant.


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