Steve has spent the night camping on Eileen's sofa. Emily is uneasy at the attention Norris draws to her in Roy's Rolls - he's concerned that she's withdrawn into herself. Katy is able to go to the concert under the ruse that she is accompanying Craig to a dress rehearsal for his play. She meets her friends and is watched with interest by a strange man - Andy Morgan. Jack and Tyrone win the £50 prize for a crossword competition. Maria shows interest when she thinks they've won the Lottery. Karen tells Janice that she still loves Steve. Blanche has tricked the whole family into another meal. The atmosphere is uncomfortable and Dev makes to leave early. Blanche berates them for making no effort, apart from Ken, when he should have the biggest grievance. Tommy and Angela are pleased to see Tyrone in the Rovers, as they think it proves that Katy really is at the play rehearsal. Emily is concerned that she is going to lose her house because she'd sold it to Richard. Karen tells a devastated Steve that she can't trust him, so she's getting out while she still can. Andy Morgan follows Katy home to Coronation Street - he makes a phone call to say he's found the whereabouts of the family and that by this time tomorrow they will be dead.


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