Episode 5498
Episode 5498
Production code P694/5498
ITV transmission date 5th May 2003 (Monday - Part 2)
Script editor Gareth Philips
Jane Hudson
Story editor Colin Steven
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Bryan Kirkwood
Jane Pearson
Nazrin Choudhury
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Ian Bevitt
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Kieran Roberts
Previous episode 5th May 2003
Next episode 7th May 2003


David admits that he put the brick through the window. Initially Vera is furious but she calms down when David tells her how he can hear Gail crying at night. David starts to cry. Vera feels guilty and later she apologises to Gail. Sally suggests to Kevin that they compromise with Rosie and offer to pay for singing lessons and dancing lessons if in return she starts to behave herself. Tony Stewart tells Jason that he's found him some more work but it's in Warrington. Fred plans a night out with Petula Peach, the widow of the abattoir owner. He's hoping to win some business from her. Vera finally accepts that their savings are gone and that she and Jack have to make the best of it. Les, Kirk and Swanny Gillen, an ex-wrestler, carry out Kirk's plan in the Rovers. It goes wrong when Les fails to duck at the right time and gets a black eye. Later, Les and Kirk refuse to pay Swanny for his troubles so he gives Kirk a black eye as well. Todd is delighted to find that Eileen has bought him a laptop computer on credit. Jason feels left out and jealous. Gail tells Sarah and David that they'll be moving in with Audrey. Sarah suggests that she could get a place with Todd but Gail won't hear of it.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Fred Elliott (about a business deal with Petula Peach): "I'm rather hoping that if all goes well, in the future she'll be taking a lot of my sausage."


Jack Duckworth (about an ornament): "That dog is not an antique, Vera. It were made in Hong Kong and if that dog's an antique you're an ancient, flaming monument because you're a damned sight older than the dog."

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