Norris is trying out different outfits for his jury service. Jason lends Todd a very skimpy pair of running shorts. Jason, Katy and Martin go for a run. Todd and Sarah dip out and go to the cafe. Adam asks Peter if they can spend a couple of days in Plymouth as he knows Susan took him there to see Peter when he was a baby. Peter agrees. Les delights in telling Emma and Curly that he now has a witness. Mike is hurt to find out that Adam is going away with Peter and Shelley having turned down his offer of a holiday in Spain. Joe starts putting pressure on Karen to get a divorce. Karen feels unnerved by this. Curly tries to persuade Emma that she has to come clean and that she can't risk lying in court. Emma tries to stand up for Mick saying that he's a good policeman. Joe and Karen are shocked when Mike says that not only has he cancelled his holiday but he's decided to use the time to go through all the company books. Blanche arrives back from Wally's house in Altrincham. She's so impressed with his bar, his swimming pool and his rolling acres. Emma meets up with Mick and tells him that she's changed her mind and can no longer testify for him. Mick is devastated.


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