Dev confides in Mike that he proposed to Sunita and she turned him down. Joe and Karen are nervous as they get Mike to sign the last cheque to Artrec. The plan is that the cheque will clear while Mike is on holiday in Ireland. Mike decides to ring round a few other suppliers to see if he can get a cheaper deal. Karen is a bag of nerves but eventually Mike signs the cheque and leaves. Martin and Katy complete the Fun Run. Katy helps Martin over the finish line and Martin hugs her. Katy is ecstatic. Fiz and Kirk visit Les in prison and tell him that Curly and Emma have split up. They realise that Curly must know the truth and wonder how they can persuade Curly to come clean and help Les walk free. Dev tells Sunita that he loves her and really wants to marry her. Tracy has dinner with Wally. He gives her a necklace. Karen and Joe are in celebratory mood thinking they are about to bankrupt Mike when to their horror Mike appears. Mike's holiday has been cancelled and he tells them that instead he's going to conduct a full stocktake of the factory.


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  • The storyline for this episode had to be rewritten when Maggie Jones fell ill. In the original version Blanche Hunt phones Wally Bannister and apologises for being so forward. They arrange to meet. Tracy is annoyed but can't say anything.
  • TV Times synopsis: Karen and Joe suffer a shock; Dev's proposal backfires; and Les takes satisfaction from Emma and Curly's troubles.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,830,000 viewers (3rd place).

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Deirdre Rachid: "It wouldn't be a certain shopkeeper who works not a million miles from here, would it?"
Tracy Preston: "Dev? You must be joking! It's only dogs that go back to their own vomit!"
Deirdre Rachid: "D'you know, Tracy, you've a lovely turn of phrase."

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