Curly touches up the paintwork on his house, preparing it for sale. Peter tells Ciaran that he's going to visit Lucy again. He's determined to see his son. He asks Ciaran to lie for him if anyone asks. Bev is starting to have her suspicions about Peter. Curly, Tommy, Kevin and Martin meet up for a lads' night out. Martin suddenly cries off with a headache. He goes to the hospital disco instead. Tracy comes on to Roy again. Hayley flips and tips the ice bucket all over Tracy. Tracy makes some really bitchy comments to Hayley. Steve insists on taking Karen to the Rovers although she'd rather stay in the flat and hide. Mike spots her and tells her to stay away from the factory. Peter calls round to Lucy's. Despite the fact she wants to tell him to go away, she's so tired that she's glad of the help. Peter looks after the baby while Lucy has a bath. Martin sees Jimmy Mullins kissing Katy. He flips and pushes Jimmy off. Later he admits to Katy that he was just jealous and couldn't bear to see her with someone else. Martin and Katy kiss passionately.


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