Episode 5544
Episode 5544
Production code P694/5544
ITV transmission date 16th July 2003 (Wednesday)
Script editor Gareth Philips
Story editor Colin Steven
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Bryan Kirkwood
David Millard
Jane Pearson
Nazrin Choudhury
Writer Carmel Morgan
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Tony Prescott
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Kieran Roberts
Previous episode 14th July 2003
Next episode 18th July 2003


Tommy confronts Katy for coming in late last night. She tells him she'll be working overtime tonight and will be late again. Kevin and Tommy press Martin for more information on his young nurse. Ciaran tries to convince Bev not to tell Shelley about Peter. Peter is pleased when Lucy accepts a building society book with £300 in it for Simon. Martin apologises to Jimmy Mullins. Katy and Martin kiss in a quiet corner of the hospital and arrange to meet that night at Martin's flat. Tracy flirts with Roy in the Rovers and insults Hayley by questioning her "natural" state as a woman. Ciaran is delighted to receive his wedding invitation. Dev is forced to admit to Steve that Sunita and Ciaran really do seem happy together. Peter is shocked when Ciaran tells him that Bev is onto him. He tries to force Bev's hand at Shelley's wedding shower by encouraging her to make a toast to the happy couple, but she keeps quiet for Shelley's sake. Martin is panicked when David calls round unexpectedly. He manages to get rid of him before Katy arrives, but feels guilty for being a bad father. Hayley has to leave the next morning to help care for her sick Aunty Monica. As the wedding shower becomes more raucous, Shelley catches Bev looking through Peter's wallet for evidence of another woman. Shelley believes her mum is lying because she wants to split her and Peter up.


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