Shelley again refuses to admit that Peter is having an affair, and accuses her mother of trying to spoil her big day. Deirdre is distraught when Adam accidentally smears shoe polish on her new wedding outfit. Ken touches her by surprising her with a new dress he's bought with money put aside for a new printer. Peter feigns nonchalance when Lucy tells him that she can't talk to her solicitor about a divorce for a few weeks. Sunita and Betty persuade Roy that he should attend the wedding without Hayley. Bev denies that she has always been jealous of Shelley and assures her that she's just trying to protect her. She hopes that Peter loves Shelley as much as she does. Shelley resolves to ask Peter outright about an affair to prove her mother wrong. Dev warns Ciaran not to hurt Sunita. He later tells Steve that he plans to propose to Sunita at the wedding. Tracey and Ciaran work out that Peter plans to marry Shelley bigamously. Shelley confronts Peter, and to her horror, he admits to an affair. He tells her that he ended the affair when he realised how much he loved Shelley and she's the one he's going to marry the next day. Shelley is distraught at his betrayal and throws him out - the wedding is off.


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