Todd calls an ambulance but in the meantime Roy uses his first-aid experience and manages to revive Bethany. Sarah rushes to Bethany's side. Todd tells Sarah not to mention the dodgy wiring to the hospital. Katy phones Martin on her new mobile and is put out when he cuts her off. Roy and Hayley discuss Tracy's pregnancy. Roy admits that he could be the father but he has no recollection of what happened. Hayley is beside herself and accuses Roy of fancying Tracy and wanting the child which she can't give him. He tells her she's wrong. Hayley feels a failure as a woman and tells Roy that she must leave. Kevin tries to persuade Katy to stop seeing Martin. Gail arrives at the hospital and is angry with Sarah for making Bethany live in a death trap of a flat. She and Sarah have a huge row. Hayley leaves in tears thinking that she can never make Roy truly happy. Roy is also in tears knowing that Hayley is the love of his life. Gail phones Social Services and reports Bethany as a neglected child.


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