Episode 5569
Episode 5569
Production code P694/5569
ITV transmission date 27th August 2003 (Wednesday)
Script editor Gareth Philips
Story editor Colin Steven
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Bryan Kirkwood
David Millard
Lyn Papadopoulos
Jane Pearson
Christine Marshall
Writer Mark Wadlow
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Charles Lauder
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Kieran Roberts
Previous episode 25th August 2003
Next episode 29th August 2003


Janice bumps into Les. Les apologises for his behaviour. They agree to be friends again. Mick witnesses this and is jealous. He nags Janice about speeding up her divorce. Norris is becoming increasingly worried about Monty the cat. He makes some leaflets intending to slip them into the Gazette but Rita won't let him. Against Sarah's better judgement Tony Stewart and Jason turn up at the flat to fix the wiring. Roy and Hayley visit Tracy and try and talk her out of the abortion. Roy tells her it's his only chance of children. Tracy refuses to listen. Viv Wright, the Social Worker visits Sarah, Todd and Bethany. She is satisfied that Sarah is a good mother. She tells Sarah she will be visiting Gail. Peter looks after Simon again and introduces him to his first horse race on the TV. Lucy isn't impressed. Gail is annoyed when Viv tells her that Sarah is a perfectly fit mother and that the flat is adequate. Gail admits to Audrey that she contacted Social Services herself. Audrey is appalled that Gail shopped her own daughter. Tracy calls round to see Roy and Hayley. She tells them that in return for £20,000 she will have the baby and that they can then bring it up. They have until Friday to decide.


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