Norris is first in the Rovers hoping to get all the latest gossip on Peter and Shelley. Martin and Katy start to panic about telling Tommy their secret. Martin is worried about telling Sarah and David. Tyrone calls round to Maz's house. He is upset when he realises that he's been taken for a mug and that Maz is leaving Weatherfield. Brenda Fearns calls round to see Bethany. Sarah lets her in. Todd is suspicious of her. Eileen takes out a loan to consolidate all her debts. Jason tells her that he's leaving tomorrow as he has got a two-week job in "Sluff" (Slough)! Kirk tells Fiz all about the voices in his head. Fiz is concerned until she realises that he means thoughts. Peter calls to see Shelley. She is forced to take him through to the back as all the punters are gawping at them. Shelley screams at him and throws him out. She is distraught. She asks all the customers to leave and closes the pub. Maya Sharma, Roy's solicitor calls on him and suggests that it would be easier if he were to marry Tracy. Roy explains that that is not possible. Dev bumps into Maya and there is an instant attraction. He tells her he needs some legal advice. Roy and Hayley promise each other that one day when the law allows they will marry properly. Shelley tells Lucy that she wants revenge on Peter. Lucy agrees.


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Betty Williams (to Norris Cole): "'Do you know, you give me the creeps!"

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