Martin does his best to explain to Tommy and Angela that he loves Katy and that he's not a pervert as Tommy keeps suggesting. Ken and Deirdre are embarrassed and ashamed of Peter. The whole pub is shocked at Shelley and Lucy's revelations. Back at the Barlows' house, Peter tries to explain to Ken, Deirdre and Tracy how he got himself into this mess. Ken tells him to pack his bags and go. Karen slaps Steve across the face and tells him he'll have to live somewhere else. She does all this just for show to make their impending divorce look more authentic. Eileen assumes that Steve has been unfaithful again and she slaps him too! Martin admits to Tommy that he's slept with Katy. Tommy punches Martin to the floor. Katy and Angela pull Tommy off before he throttles Martin. Shelley starts to regret the spectacle in the pub. She realises that she's humiliated Ken and Deirdre. Lucy convinces her they did the right thing. Tommy tells Katy that not only is she grounded, she's now a prisoner in her own home. He's taken her keys and locked all the windows.


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