Episode 5595
Episode 5595
Production code P694/5595
ITV transmission date 3rd October 2003 (Friday)
Script editor Gareth Philips
Simon Stallworthy
Story editor Colin Steven
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Bryan Kirkwood
David Millard
Jane Pearson
Lyn Papadopoulos
Christine Marshall
Writer Martin Allen
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Mike Adams
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Kieran Roberts
Previous episode 1st October 2003
Next episode 5th October 2003


The next morning, a blissful Karen plans an engagement party for that night. Dev tries to contact Maya Sharma, his solicitor, as he fancies her. Ciaran arranges a night out with Sunita. Steve and Karen book the Rovers for their party but Janice lets slip that their divorce was a scam. Fred receives a visit from Petula Peach, a local abattoir owner and Fred-admirer, who is organising the trip to Scotland. Scared of her, he decides he'll have to cancel his trip. Karen invites the Underworld girls to her party but they are not pleased at the trick played on them. Bev persuades Ciaran to forego his night out with Sunita as they'll be busy tonight with the party. When Sunita finds out they row and Ciaran tells her to go back to Dev. Only Norris and Kirk turn up for the party as everyone else is annoyed at Steve and Karens' actions. Bev persuades Fred to go to Scotland. Norris tells Karen why no one has turned up. She throws him and Kirk out. The DJ plays only rap music, mostly pointing out the party's lack of success and Karen throws him out too. Nick calls on Sarah and Todd to try to heal the breach with Gail. Sarah storms out and Nick and Todd have a heart-to-heart. Karen and Steve wend their way home, laden with bags of extra food from the abandoned party, only to meet the girls on their way back from bingo. They make fun of Karen who is in tears. Ciaran accepts a nightcap from Bev after having cleared up. He tells Bev that she's a very attractive woman. They embrace.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Mc Dr Man (rapping at the empty engagement party): "When the clock struck seven, Karen was in heaven. When the clock struck eight, she was thinkin' they're late. When the clock struck nine, then she started to pine. She thought, this is a sign that the people ain't mine so she reached for the wine to make the feeling fine, easy now..."
Karen McDonald (to Steve McDonald): "He is really starting to annoy me..."


Mc Dr Man: "'Now for poor babe Karen, the night is turning barren. She is out of her groove because people disapprove. She is starting to moan, cos she is all alone. And so the evening ends, she ain't got no friends!"
Karen McDonald: "Get out!!"

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