Irma is annoyed at having to clean chalk graffiti off the pavement outside the Corner Shop. Hilda makes Stan complete the census form while Jed and Jim leave him to it to go and investigate a snooker table. Ena looks at "Room for rent" notices in the shop window and asks Irma if her shop flat is available. Irma puts her off, saying they use it as a stockroom. Not knowing that Vera has taken her life savings, David and Irma think Ena has enough money to provide for a roof over her head. Stan struggles to complete the census form. Jim buys the table off Jed. Knowing that Jim is good at the game, Jed sets the two up as hustlers, playing in the Rovers. Elsie returns from staying with Dot. Jed cons David into playing billiards against Jed for £5 that night in the pub. Ena asks Elsie if she can rent Dennis's room. Elsie makes a rapid excuse that the room is full of his belongings, depressing Ena. The residents bet on the game. Jim demonstrates his snooker skills on the bar with a broom handle and Brenda jokingly pushes him off - just as the Walkers arrive back from Ireland. Annie is livid when she sees the state of the back room and hears that Brenda is to stay on to teach her how to be friendly to customers. She drags Jack to the brewery to demand an explanation. Irma is angry about the bet. Minnie takes Hilda to task when she overhears her blackguarding Ena. The menfolk make plans to play the snooker match in No.13 but Brenda tells them to carry on the match in the pub. Jed, Jim and Stan are perturbed when David shows that he has more skills at snooker than they reckoned on. Minnie offers to share her bed with Ena and she tearfully accepts. The table is set up in the public. Annie and Jack return and, seeing what's happening, Annie orders him to throw Brenda out or she leaves.


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