Ruth starts a whist drive at the Mission. Jerry tells her how much he admires the work she does. Ena agrees to look at a council flat. Ruth asks Jerry to help her show Ena over it. Elsie finds it hard coping with Wally's dirty habits. He agrees to take the Barlow twins out but makes Val uneasy when he flirts with her. Len is suspicious when Jerry goes out in his best suit. The whist drive is a success though Annie has no partner and ends up playing with Wally. Stan suggests a men's night out to Jack and Len. Ruth and Jerry show Ena the flat which is on the 11th floor of a tower block on Navigation Street. Ena says she'd rather sleep in a bus shelter and refuses it. Annie and Wally beat Minnie and Hilda when Minnie forgets which suit she should be playing. Elsie is fed up of Wally's pigeons in the yard. Wally presents her with the basket of fruit he won at the whist drive. Wally entertains Minnie to an intimate twosome, using up all of Elsie's spare food. Jerry has an idea as to how to solve Ena's housing problem. Annie hands out the sweets she won at the whist drive but they taste awful. The residents are surprised when Ruth drinks bitter in the Rovers. Elsie is not pleased to see that Len is taken with her. A horrified Len returns home to find that Jerry has moved Ena in as their resident housekeeper.


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Ena flats

Photograph of Violet Carson taken during this episode's location shoot

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Ruth Winter: "Look down there, Mrs Sharples. The whole world is changing. They're pulling it down. Some day everybody will have to be re-housed. Coronation Street will be down and all the other streets like it."
Ena Sharples: "Aye, but I'll be in my little wooden box by then. Look, living as high as this is alright for millionaires and sparrows but not for me."

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