Steve drives Tracy to the hospital. Roy insists on accompanying her, much to her irritation. Cilla sourly confirms to Fiz that she's going to give Rita back all her money, including costs. Blanche tries to dissuade Hayley from coming to the hospital with the Barlows, but Hayley is determined to be a part of the event. Rita considers selling The Kabin to Foxes, a chain of newsagents. Tracy pleads with Steve to tell Roy the truth and to be with her at their child's birth. Steve stands by as Roy pushes Tracy into the hospital. He comes to a decision and drives off. Gail invites Maria to stay at the house with Nick, as she'll be away for the night. Deirdre and Blanche are resentful that Roy is with Tracy for the birth. They are stunned when Hayley blurts out that as Tracy's husband he has every right to be there. Tommy's delighted when he sees Katy with Karl, thinking that Martin has a rival. Sarah has food poisoning so Todd goes to the gig with Katy and Karl. Tracy gives birth to a girl, weighing 6 pounds 4 oz. An overwhelmed Roy cuts the cord. Immediately after giving birth, Tracy calls Steve to tell him that he has a daughter and asks him to just come and see them for five minutes.


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