Maya unsuccessfully drops hints to Dev that his father thought her as marriage material. Dev later tells Eileen that he is not the marrying kind. Meanwhile, Maya finds out from Ciaran that Dev has been engaged at least twice before to Sunita and Geena. Dev comes back from work in Eccles to find Maya flirting with Ciaran in the Rovers. She is clearly very upset and gives him the cold shoulder back in the flat. Tracy tells Ciaran that she wants to make a go of it with her baby, even without Steve, and she's seen the light. Ciaran tells her that she should have done before she ruined Roy and Hayley's lives. Fred tells Ashley to go out for the afternoon, and Claire turns up to make up the hours from Friday. Fred thinks Imogen Stamford is trying to poach Claire. Ashley and Claire go out to buy shoes for Joshua while Fred serves up a meal for Penny. Fred invites Penny away for a week to a cottage in Yorkshire and she accepts. Ashley warns Fred to be careful, and tells him that he won't start a relationship with Claire, which Claire overhears. Roy and Hayley are clearly upset over losing Patience. Ken comes round to apologise and tell them that he will get them all their money back, but Patience belongs with her mother. Roy becomes angry and manhandles Ken out of the cafe telling him that this is about more than just money. Roy and Hayley decide to fight for Patience. The Barlows all seem content with Patience being with Tracy.


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Fred Elliott: "See... this place wants seein' to - and quick."
Ashley Peacock: "What happened to t'day o' rest?"
Fred Elliott: "God didn't have Penny King coming to lunch and a beef wellington to cook - now you get on with it... Sharpish!"


Eileen Grimshaw (walking past No.7): "Oh look! If it aint the mother of the year."
Tracy Barlow: "If I want yer opinion love, I'll ask for it."

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