Claire turns up for work and is awkward with Ashley, unsure how to behave. Gail tries to persuade Nick to buy Dr Mallory's sports car if he gets the job with Penny King. Sonia lays down the law to the girls about the five-a-side training schedule. Aware that Claire is unhappy about mixing work with their relationship, Ashley asks her out for dinner that evening. Norris offers his congratulations to Claire on her new relationship. Helping Penny with her interviews for a new manager, Mike is furious to see Nick turn up as the next candidate. Mike gives Nick a hard time, leaving him belittled. Gail pretends to Audrey that she's welcomed Maria to the family, but she's unable to hide her true feelings that she thinks Nick would be better off without her. Nick tells Maria and Gail how badly the interview went. Gail is disappointed to hear that he won't be buying the car now. Penny accepts Mike's advice not to employ Nick, as he needs more experience. Sally presumes that Ken will be writing a glowing review of Rosie for the Gazette. Claire and Ashley's date is perfect, until Claire mentions Maxine and keeping her memory alive. Ashley needs time to think and sends Claire home in a taxi, alone.


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