Mike takes the day off to play golf. He calls Nick to tell him to clear out the old storeroom to make room for the Marshalls' delivery. Despite spending the night together, Mike tells Penny that he's not looking for commitment. She says she may now reconsider Fred's offer. Chesney suggests that Cilla is playing away when she calls to say she'll be away for a few more days. Les is totally confident she's faithful, but Fiz is suspicious. Roy and Hayley decide to go back to work and face people. Janice winds Nick up all day. In retaliation he bans all smoking during working hours. Sonia gets a delivery of football kits for the five-a-side team. Fred and Penny agree to meet later in the week, both relieved that no decision on his proposal has been reached. Hayley has to restrain Karen after Tracy goads her in the Street. Liz relates the story to Steve, but he's determined to bury his head in the sand to keep Karen. Nick leaves Hayley in charge of the factory, as he goes off in search of Maria. As Harry leaves the tidied storeroom unlocked to help Hayley with a delivery, Janice takes her chance to sneak in there for a cigarette. Maria tells Nick they're finished as long as he's tied to his mother's apron strings. Harry locks the old storeroom, unaware that Janice is still inside. Janice has failed to stub out her cigarette properly. The tab ignites some white spirits and the flammable negligees inside the storeroom quickly turn into an uncontrollable fire. Terrified Janice is trapped inside and bangs on the door for help.


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