Lucille, Irma and Sheila start work at the factory with welders Bet Lynch, Cilla Christie and Denise Bolton, checker Lizzie Woods, cleaner Polly Sagan, shifter Kenny Pickup and works manager John Benjamin. Wally is put on the sofa as Sheila has his room. Hilda starts work at the shop. Lucille and Sheila take to the machines but Irma finds it hard going and keeps burning the plastic. Dennis returns and tells Len he's terrified as the heavy mob are after him for owing £94 due to a dodgy deal with a night club croupier. He asks Len to lend him the money. Len doesn't believe him. Hilda throws Mary Bonnetti out of No.13 and accuses her of having an affair with Stan. Stan refuses to give up working for Mary. Sheila and Lucille are put on piecework and Irma on day work - £6.50 a week. With Sheila and Wally at No.11, Dennis is bedless. Hilda reports Stan to the Town Hall for trading without a licence.


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