Todd's still in turmoil but is fussing over Sarah to assuage his guilt. Tyrone's determined to prove that Maya had something to do with Monica's disappearance. Jack advises him to proceed with caution. Sally rapsodises about the Northern Drama Academy's fabulous facilities. Kevin tells her to forget it, once he sees that the fees are £1,500 a term. Martin lends David £30 to buy Gail a special birthday present. Vera lets slip to Maya that Chesney was Tyrone's only witness to her supposed crime. Sally fires Rosie up about the Drama Academy and enlists her help to talk Kevin round. Kevin immediately sees through their plan, and stands firm. Todd assures Karl that he doesn't regret their kiss. Candice is love-struck when she meets the new Shampoo Rep from Brotherton's, Tim Marsden. Maya shouts Tyrone's case against her down, quoting Chesney as a wholly unreliable witness. A doubt forms in Dev's mind about Maya's part in Monica's disappearance. When he questions her, she leaves him confused when she admits that she drowned Monica in the canal. Sally talks Kevin into attending the Drama Academy's Open Day. Gail offers to loan Sarah the money for an engagement ring. Todd gets cold feet when Karl invites him to his place for a drink. Karl's frustrated at Todd's agonising and tells him that the sooner he accepts things, the better.


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