Todd brings Sarah breakfast in bed and suggests setting a wedding date of 3rd July. Tyrone's puzzled when Jack and Vera deny giving him the puppy. Sally doesn't think that Marge Simpson is a suitable audition piece for Rosie - she has to give two diverse pieces. Craig tells Tommy and Angela that he dumped Rosie for being too possessive. Mike forsakes a day in bed with Penny for a round of golf with Fred. Rita and Ken admire Sally's dedication when she shows them a letter she intends sending out to local businessmen asking for help with Rosie's drama school fees. Sally takes Ken up on his offer to help Rosie with her audition. Ken suggests a speech from Romeo and Juliet. To his surprise, Rosie is actually quite good. Dev thinks Maya is a star for buying the puppy for Tyrone. Eileen is completely thrown to hear that Todd has set a date. She warns him that she won't let him live a lie. Karen puts pressure on Steve to sell Eileen's house. Mike tells Charlie that Heatons have the contract to repair Underworld. Todd's frantic when Gail invites Eileen for a family meal to help plan the wedding. Eileen is about to give her true opinion when Sarah clutches her stomach in agony. Sarah's distraught to discover she's bleeding and she remembers that she hasn't felt the baby kick since Thursday. She's certain that the baby's dead.


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