In hospital, Sarah's beside herself with worry. Gail, Audrey and Todd try to calm her down. Todd's guilty thinking that all the grief he's given Sarah recently may be the cause. Sarah's bleeding has stopped and when the Midwife manages to locate the baby's heartbeat Sarah is overcome with relief. Todd hates himself when he admits to Eileen that for just a split second he thought it would be better if the baby had died as it would have sorted out all his problems. Rosie hides her love bite under a scarf and pretends to Sally that she's got a sore throat. Sally likens the scarf to the one worn by Isadora Duncan. Jack and Tyrone name the puppy Schmeichel. Tyrone is delighted when a bedraggled Monica turns up at the back door. Vera is horrified at the thought of two dogs in the house. Eileen insists that Todd must stop living a lie, but Todd is adamant that he must do what's right and stand by Sarah and the baby. Maya lets slip to Audrey that Penny and Mike are an item. Audrey's shocked and decides to tell Fred as she doesn't like to see him being made a fool of. Fred is gutted at the news. Mike is horrified to find out that Heaton's have subcontracted the Underworld job to Charlie. Eileen's determined to sort out Todd's mess and pays Karl a visit at the hospital.


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