Cilla's back from her "friend's" house and Les is delighted. Fiz calls round with Chesney's washing but keeps quiet for his sake. Claire calls on Ashley and apologises for her mother's behaviour. Ashley's totally understanding, insisting that it's not her fault. Mike persuades Fred to have a round of golf with him. Fred agrees despite his misgivings. Kirk decides to tell Les the truth about Cilla. Fiz backs up the story. Chesney's frightened, but Les doesn't believe a word and thinks Fiz is simply jealous of their relationship. Fred and Mike bump into Dennis Stokes and his young Thai wife Lily at the Golf Club. Dennis explains how he met Lily on the internet. Fred is given food for thought. Candice is depressed when Tim Marsden postpones their date saying he's stuck at Gatwick. Maria tells her that she's being led up the garden path but Candice leaps to Tim's defence. Les tells Cilla about Fiz's accusations concerning Ronnie Dudgeon. Cilla assures him it's just jealousy on Fiz's part. Ashley suggests to Claire that she should move in with him. Cilla and Fiz are rowing when Chesney steps in and confirms to Les that Cilla is playing away with Ronnie. Les is devastated.


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Mike Baldwin (playing golf): "I've lost some balls in my time."
Fred Elliott: "Not the ones I'd have nominated..."

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