Len agrees to be bouncer at the Mission dance. Jerry teases him that he's got a thing for Ruth. Len rigs up a bar for the dance and helps with the advertising. Sheila doesn't want Jerry to be too serious about their friendship. Elsie asks Wally for some housekeeping money but he dodges her question. Dennis puts his £12 week's wages on a horse, Irish Moon to win. Wally puts on half his pension but it comes in second. Elsie tells Jerry not to rush things with Sheila. Elsie tells her menfolk that if they don't give her any money they'll not get any food. Whilst Len entertains Ruth at the Rovers, the dancers blast up the music and get frenzied. They start to vandalise the Mission. Ena tries to stop them and is cornered by two thugs, Vic and Colin, in the Vestry who threaten to carve her and Lucille up.


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