Ashley questions Fred about Orchid Pattaya and how much it is costing him. He says that Fred will get hurt and asks him to be careful. Orchid is working on a market stall, seemingly her normal job, and Dennis Stokes suggests they get what they can off Fred. Sunita says that what Bev did to Shelley was awful and that she needs to speak to Charlie. Shelley is not going to chase after him though. Deirdre tips Charlie off about giving Shelley flowers as an apology. Bev says to Shelley that she won't let Charlie mess her about but Shelley thinks it's because he dumped her. Fred is courting Orchid. He gives her a diamond brooch as a gift. Tim Marsden arrives at the salon for Candice only to find that Jemma Marsden, his wife, has followed him. She demands to know who is seducing her husband. Charlie asks Shelley to join him for a meal for two that night. Shelley isn't sure. Jemma Marsden causes a scene and thinks that somebody is taking advantage of Tim. Candice comes clean. Tim is not wearing his ring and it all becomes clear. Ashley questions Mike about Fred and Orchid. Fred tells Orchid that Ashley has been asking questions. Bev tells Shelley that she is making a big mistake with Charlie. Fred admits that he is lonely and that Orchid is filling a big hole for him. Shelley meets up with Charlie but is still a little unsure about him. Candice tells Audrey that she thought her and Tim had a future together. Audrey says that she should shop around a little before settling with one man. Shelley is glad that she and Charlie have got things sorted out. Fred and Orchid go back to the Rovers. Fred's phone goes and it is for Orchid. It's Dennis Stokes pretending to be from Thailand. Orchid explains that her father is ill and she needs to go back to Thailand. Fred is distraught.


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