Sarah's distraught at losing the baby. Gail and Audrey try to comfort her. Eileen and Jason try to support Todd who's grief-stricken as he never even saw his own son alive. The factory girls give Danny some lip but Karen takes it too far and gets a rollicking. Sarah registers the baby's birth as "Platt" but insists that Todd registers the death. She refuses to give the baby a first name. Fred suggests Ashley should buy something gold to go on Claire's finger. Ashley buys her a canary! Danny agrees to rent No.7 from Blanche for six months. Maya discovers that Dev's forty and not thirty-nine as he led her to believe. She insists they both go for a health check. Dev's not happy. Sunita agrees to a date with Danny. Gail calls to see Todd and to appease her own guilt gives him a photo of his baby. Desperate to make-up with Martin, Katy gives him a joke birthday card which says "Happy Birthday Grandad". She's mortified when furious Martin tells her that the baby died and says he never wants to see her again.


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Danny Baldwin (after agreeing to rent No.7): "Will you come and do a free haunting?"
Blanche Hunt: "I beg your pardon?"
Danny Baldwin: "I said I think moving up here's gonna be a bit daunting."

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