Episode 5775
Episode 5775
Production code P694/5775
ITV transmission date 4th June 2004 (Friday - Part 2)
Script editor Gareth Philips
Simon Stallworthy
Kathryn O'Connor
Story associates Mark Bickerton
Bryan Kirkwood
Jane Pearson
Lyn Papadopoulos
Cathianne Hall
Veronica McKenzie
Lesley Westhead
Writer John Fay
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Alan Wareing
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Tony Wood
Previous episode 4th June 2004
Next episode 6th June 2004


Kevin, Tommy and Tyrone are fed-up with Sally for taking on so much work at the garage - they all have to work late. Sarah refuses to think about the baby's funeral and instead focuses on Bethany's forthcoming birthday. Todd continues to blame himself for the baby's death. Dev's annoyed when a professional clown called Boffo, whose van is in for repairs at the garage, continually calls him "Dave". Maya tells Dev that she's naked under her coat. Dev can barely control himself. Bev and Sonia are jealous when Danny takes Sunita out for dinner. Danny regales her with amusing stories about his family. Patrick startles Maya and she spills a drink down her coat. He tries to remove it but Maya slaps him and he realises that she's naked underneath. Sally shows Kevin the flyers she's had made for the garage and points out that the apostrophe is in the wrong place. Sunita invites Danny back for coffee. Martin's incensed when Karl visits Sarah. He blames Karl for ruining Sarah's life and killing the baby. Martin loses control and beats up Karl, leaving him bleeding in the hospital corridor.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Patrick Tussel: "What about 'er? all coat and no knickers."
Bev Unwin: "Hmmm, I know what yer mean."
Patrick Tussel: "No, seriously... no coat, nowt underneath!"
Janice Battersby: "In yer dreams!"

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