Dev tells Maya that together they must look after Sunita. Maya agrees through gritted teeth. Sarah and Candice continue to bicker in the Salon. Sarah's hurt when Audrey says she's sending Candice on a hairdressing course as she expected Audrey to choose her. Sally suggests they all go to a museum for the day. Rosie says she'd rather stick pins in her eyes. The factory girls are impressed when they meet Jamie and enjoy flirting with him. Kevin's furious with Sally when she ruins the deal he's got with Street Cars and Dev cancels their account. Maya feigns concern for Sunita, insisting she rests, drinks green tea and listens to whale music. With Dev out of the way she suggests that being Sunita's sole carer is too much of a burden for Dev. Sunita takes this on board and later tells Shelley about her brain tumour. Shelley's devastated for her friend. As Danny, Frankie and Jamie approach No.7 the police are waiting for them. Jamie's arrested. Danny and Frankie are shocked to learn that it was Jamie who assaulted Vinny Evans.


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Blanche Hunt (to Frankie Baldwin): "I couldn't help overhearing - you've got a voice like a foghorn."


Blanche Hunt (about Frankie Baldwin): "More front than Woolworths."

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