Fiz asks Hayley when she and Roy are off on their travels again. Hayley doesn't sound too keen on their camper van. Ciaran tells Tracy of his plans to go into the restaurant business with Penny and assures her that it's strictly business. Jamie tells Danny of his frustration at not having a proper job at Underworld. Harry goes to the factory to collect his last pay packet. Fred asks Mike if he's tackled Penny about her relationship with Ciaran. Mike assures Fred that it's purely business and tells him about the restaurant. Kevin is angry when he discovers that Sally has told Oakhill School that he will service their bus for free, as they had offered a place to Rosie. Cilla and Les are enjoying their drive in Cilla's open-topped sports car when she pulls over into a lay-by and gets Les in a passionate clinch just as Janice arrives. Janice is furious and screams at Les that they are definitely finished this time and runs back to Patrick's taxi ordering him to take her back home. Les runs after Janice pleading for another chance. Mike asks Penny to forget about her business venture with Ciaran. Hayley and Roy decide to sell their camper van. Janice packs her bags and leaves Les's house. Harry is in the Rovers having more to drink than he should and Eileen takes him home with her to sober him up. Cilla persuades Les to give their relationship another try.


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Danny Baldwin: "No hard feelings? Tell you what, why don't you let me give you one of them glowing references? you know the type of thing."
Harry Flagg: "Not much point I'd say. Coming from you, who'd believe it?"

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