Sunita's shocked at Dev's revelation. She asks him if he still loves Maya and he admits that he does. Sunita's head's hurting and the added pressure of Dev's confession just makes her feel worse. She tells him to leave. Ashley pours out all his worries to Claire, that he's worried one day Joshua will want to find his real dad. Claire comforts him and they are reunited. Jack suggests that before the big match the bowling team should eat plenty of carbs and abstain from sex. Eileen pulls Joe the boiler man. They go back to Eileen's house together. Having just enjoyed great sex, Ciaran and Tracy enjoy sparring. Ciaran pretends to carve a notch on his bedpost. When Tracy arrives home with tousled hair, Blanche quickly points out that she's got a "whore's thatch" and wonders who she's been with. Maya raises the subject of the wedding again. Dev snaps at her wondering if they could talk about something else. Maya's chastened. Shelley finds Sunita in bits. Sunita explains to Shelley how Dev says he loves her but he also loves Maya. Furious Shelley tells Dev that he'd better make up his mind between Maya and Sunita. Dev admits that he can't live without Sunita.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Dev finds himself torn between two women and ends up seeking solace in the pub; Tracy and Ciaran have difficulty trying to keep their liaison a secret; and Ashley and Claire have an emotional reconciliation.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 11,780,000 viewers (2nd place).

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Tracy Barlow (to Ciaran McCarthy, teasing): "Sleeping with you's gonna make the rest of my day a joy... I feel like I've got the worst of the day's chores over with."


Dev Alahan (to Shelley Unwin): "What Peter did was easy. Lie. Cheat. Not face the fact that if he truly cared about anyone then he would have to have made a choice - hurt someone badly in order to give them respect - but I am not like him."

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