Episode 5821
Production code P694/5821
ITV transmission date 11th August 2004 (Wednesday)
Script editor Bryan Kirkwood
Jenny White
Story editor Mark Bickerton
Story associates Jane Pearson
Lyn Papadopoulos
Cathianne Hall
Veronica McKenzie
Writer Chris Parker
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Daniel Wilson
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Tony Wood
Previous episode 9th August 2004
Next episode 13th August 2004


Maya can sense that Dev's unhappy but he insists that he's fine. Ashley and Claire are happy to be back together. Rita's pleased for them. After a night of passion with Joe, Eileen's embarrassed when Jason and Todd appear for breakfast. Jason's appalled at his mum's one-night stand. Shelley tells Sunita how much Dev loves her. She's surprised when Sunita doesn't appear interested as she's convinced that she's not got long to live. Candice is back from her hairdressing course and Audrey lets her do Rita's hair. She's delighted with it. Sarah's jealous and fed-up of being the salon skivvy. Ciaran shows Charlie round his new restaurant and asks him to quote for the refurbishment. Shelley realises there's something going between Tracy and Ciaran. Sunita can't take any more emotional stress and tells Maya that she's leaving for good. Maya's secretly delighted. Dev's shocked when Maya tells him that Sunita's gone. He rushes round to her flat where he finds her packing. Maya follows. In a desperate bid to stop her leaving, Dev declares his undying love for Sunita in front of Maya, who's horrified and leaves in tears. Dev's stunned when Sunita tells him to get out.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Shelley Unwin (to Tracy Barlow): "I sell food! What do you sell, oh, apart from flowers and babies?"

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