Sunita and Dev are all loved-up with their engagement. Leanne continues to goad Frankie telling her that she's got a job working with Jamie. Katy's worried how to tell Tommy that she only got two C's and two D's in her A-level exams. She knows he'll blame Martin for distracting her. Bobby Ockton comes on to Leanne while he talks her through her new job. Leanne's shocked when Jamie launches himself at Bobby and gets him up against a wall. Bobby fires them both. Leanne's annoyed with Jamie while Jamie thinks that she's ungrateful as he was trying to protect her. Blanche warns Dev and Sunita that most marriages end in divorce but nothing can dampen the loved-up couple's spirits. Against Katy's better judgement, Angela insists she lies to Tommy and tells him that she got straight A's in her exams. When Tommy gives her £200, Katy's guilt-ridden. Roy demands to know where Ciaran got the bag of money from. Ciaran explains that it's for opening up his new business. Leanne apologises to Jamie for biting him and they end up kissing. Frankie's not impressed with her son's choice of girlfriend.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Leanne begins work behind the bar, but it's not long before the sleazy manager makes his move; Dev and Sunita start to plan their future together; and Katy receives her exam results.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 10,230,000 viewers (3rd place).

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Jamie Baldwin: "You are one ungrateful cow."
Leanne Battersby: "Correction. I am one ungrateful unemployed cow!"

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