Katy and Martin bump into Tommy. Katy can't get away quick enough and she convinces Martin to get off her case about telling Tommy that she didn't pass her exams. Maya is practising Sunita's signature from the documents she stole. Sean pretends to read Eileen's palm but when Jason comes in his attention turns onto Jason. Fiz, Janice and Karen are having a cigarette outside Underworld when Danny comes out and threatens to dock their wages for not being in work. Karen gets emotional saying that her mum's funeral was yesterday. Danny offers her the day off but she tells him that she will be back inside in two minutes. She then tells him that she will work through her lunch. Sonia comes back and talks to Karen about when her mum died. Karen has all of her possessions about the flat. She looks at them then picks up a small bag that she has packed and throws her mobile onto the sofa and leaves. Steve is talking to Eileen about Karen in the cab office when Janice comes in looking for her. Steve leaves to look for Karen. Sean gives Eileen a miniature crystal ball for letting him stay. Eileen's touched and tells him that he can stay longer. Dev and Sunita come back to her flat and they can't find her birth certificate. Tommy offers Les and Cilla a quad bike for £50 for Chesney. Cilla says no but later on Les asks Tommy to get it. Ciaran shows Mike and Penny the menu he plans for the restaurant. His bank calls and tells him that he can't get a loan from them. Steve and Janice go back to the flat and are confused by the state of the place. Steve is really worried about Karen and Liz tries to comfort him.


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Danny Baldwin: "You know what? I make that twelve minutes so far!"
Janice Battersby: "Look, we're having a fag! We work like dogs for yer the rest of the time."
Danny Baldwin: "Alright then, make that eighty-four minutes... so I'm docking you an hour. That is twelve minutes in dog years... and counting."

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