Episode 5842
Production code P694/5842
ITV transmission date 10th September 2004 (Friday)
Script editor Bryan Kirkwood
Jenny White
Story editor Mark Bickerton
Story associates Jane Pearson
Lyn Papadopoulos
Cathianne Hall
Veronica McKenzie
Jane Marlow
Writer Catherine Hayes
Designer Julian Perkins
Director Duncan Foster
Executive Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Producer Tony Wood
Previous episode 8th September 2004
Next episode 12th September 2004


Karen goes for a walk to clear her head without her make-up on. Tracy bumps into Liz who asks her about leaving Amy with the Croppers again last night. Tracy gets Liz to look after Amy so she can go to the library to get information on inoculations. Jayesh Parekh phones Sunita telling her that her dad, Suresh Parekh, wants to meet up. She is nervous about going to meet her father and is devastated when he doesn't turn up and she leaves the park crying. Leanne starts flirting with Dev in the Corner Shop, turning the sign to "closed" and going to kiss him when Sunita comes back really upset thinking that her family don't love her. Dev sends Leanne home. Mike thinks whoever has given £20,000 to Ciaran is off their head - unbeknownst to him it is Penny. Liz turns up at Steve's flat and gives him Amy to look after because Tracy is still not back. In the Rovers it is discovered that Tracy gets Emily, Blanche, Deirdre, Ken, Liz, Roy and Hayley all to babysit Amy throughout the day. Tracy comes out of the pub and sees Steve with Amy. He has a go at her for not being around sooner. She gets upset and they go to Street Cars to have a chat. Mike tells Danny to sack Sean but Danny tells him no. Ciaran finishes his last shift in the Rovers. Steve and Tracy - who is now having stronger feelings for Steve - discuss Amy and she is trying to get him to say that he loves his daughter.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit




Notable dialogueEdit

Roy Cropper: "A baby needs a mother Tracy, and I might point out that we did have her all night."
Liz McDonald: "I took (Amy Barlow) first thing."
Shelley Unwin: "She was here till after lunch."
Tracy Barlow: "Yeah well that's because Emily usually does the midday feed doesn't she?"
Blanche Hunt: "Then I have her afterwards."
Roy Cropper: "Hayley and I play with her early evening for an hour or so."
Blanche Hunt: "Deirdre takes over once she's made Ken's dinner."
Liz McDonald (to Tracy Barlow): "Hang on! Do you have her at all?"

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