Steve's unnerved by Karen's reaction. He wishes that she'd shout and scream at him for going behind her back but Karen insists he's doing the right thing. Liz is concerned that Karen's on the edge of a breakdown and tells Tracy she's gone too far. Tracy's unrepentant. Ciaran's gutted when Gordon Venables, the environmental health inspector, points out that there's no hot water and his restaurant opening night might not go ahead. Charlie works flat out. The health inspector finally gives Ciaran the okay and McCarthy's restaurant opens. Penny's very impressed. Leanne lies to Janice and Jamie telling them how Dev came on to her. Jamie threatens to beat up Dev but Frankie stops him. Norris is very taken by Rula Romanoff, an old friend of Rita's from her days in the clubs. She likens Norris to Robert De Niro. Janice tries to make Karen see that Tracy is worming her way round Steve but Karen insists that he's just doing the right thing by his daughter. Janice is frustrated. Sunita breaks down telling Shelley how her dad didn't turn up and how much she misses her mum. Karen pushes Steve into admitting he'd like a father/daughter relationship with Amy. Karen watches Steve cross the Street to Tracy and Amy. Tracy's delighted. Emotional Karen lets out a gut-wrenching scream.


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Janice Battersby (to Karen McDonald): "You should speak to my mate Karen. She'd know what to do. She's a fighter, and she would paint this Street with Tracy Barlow's guts rather than let her take her husband."

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