Rosie hates Oakhill School. David suggests that she lies and says she's being bullied. Jason takes Sarah back to No.11. They end up in bed where, after sex, they fall asleep. Eileen's delighted when Todd says his tutors have recommended he re-apply for Oxford University. Eileen, Todd and Sean go for a celebratory drink. Rosie lies to Kevin saying how she's being bullied at school because she's poor. Kevin's shocked when she says that her nickname is "Rosie the Refugee". At Rula's house, Bernie lets himself into Rita's room and climbs into her bed. Rita's horrified, realising they're at a swingers' party. Tyrone suggests to Maria that they get back together. Maria pecks him on the cheek and leaves. Rita finds Norris pinned to the bed by Rula. She drags him out and they leave. Both agree not to mention their embarrassing evening to anyone. Fred, Ashley and Claire are worried when they hear a scurrying noise in the loft. They think it must be rats. Eileen, Todd and Sean arrive home unaware that Jason and Sarah are asleep upstairs.


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