Tracy shows a reporter from the Gazette into the Rovers. The reporter tells Liz she's won the glamorous granny competition which Tracy entered her for. Vera quizzes Tyrone over his date but Tyrone's embarrassed and plays it down. Karen takes a pregnancy test and is upset when it's negative. Shelley goes to find Charlie at the Builder's Yard. Charlie was expecting her and has lit some candles and has a bottle of wine waiting for her. She tells him that she wants him to move in. Charlie's pleased. Leanne regrets telling Jamie where to go and tries to win him round. She's furious when he tells her that it's too late. Tommy discovers he's got squirrels in the loft. Fred pretends to be surprised and offers to lend him the football rattle. Liz is annoyed when Shelley gets Jason to move all of her stuff from the front bedroom to the poky back bedroom at the Rovers now that Charlie's moving in. Tracy winds Karen up by offering her some of Amy's old baby things. Karen admits that she isn't pregnant and Tracy calls her "barren Karen". Tyrone's upset when he finds out that Maria's going out with Jamie.


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